"He was a bold man who first ate an oyster"– Jonathan Swift

The Oyster Club

Exclusive Mobile App Coming soon!

Resources for true ostreaphiles like us are rare. We are here to change that.

In an effort to enhance the experience of oyster-lovers everywhere, Ryleigh’s Oyster is creating the ultimate guide to farm-raised North American oysters. We are developing a mobile app that will be the first farm raised oyster encyclopedia to contain descriptions directly from the oyster farmers themselves!

This app will allow you to keep track of every new variety of oysters your try, review it, and share it with your social community. Even better, the more oyster varieties you check off on your oyster app, the more Oyster Club rewards you open yourself up to! Don’t miss out on the launch of this bold new mobile app; sign up for our Ostreaphile email updates here:

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